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William Hess Ward (March 6, 1919 – November 17, 1998), known as Bill Ward, was an American cartoonist.
Long Bill Ward’s career began during the World War II, when they came up with their first character – a girl Torchy. His vision of beauty – busty blonde, high heels, legs in black nylon, silk corsets, in fact, has become a symbol of American post-war sexuality.
A follow-up in the 50’s boom in popularity of American magazines made ​​it the most popular artists in the country in this category. In the 60-90th Ward significantly broaden the range of his work, but never cheated on his passion and vision of the perfect woman, except that, the new heroines breast became more heels – a little higher, and silk and leather – more glossy.

Read “Kitty Kat”

a Short Story Inspired by Bill Ward

Kitty Kat

I was at a fancy dress party when I first laid eyes on Kitty, and even there she stood out a mile from everyone else in the room. The place – some villa up in the hills complete with swimming pool and record room – was crammed with women sporting limp burlesque outfits and men in suits. Few of the guests had really gotten into the spirit of the thing. Perhaps that was why Kitty really caught my eye. Her costume was immaculate. She wore sheer black stockings, and white high heels that looked as delicate as they feet they contained. Her body was hidden behind a loose, shimmery black gown that looked fit to come undone at the waist any second, and gave out just low enough to show off the lacy edging of her black bra. Her hair was curled and swept back to show off her smiling, sly young face… a face that was surmounted by cat ears on a hairband, and a painted set of whiskers. Just looking at her was enough to get me hot and bothered. I’d pushed my luck already that night, and so with that in mind I figured I might as well push it a little bit further. I grabbed another drink and sauntered over.


“Max Williams,” I said, holding out my hand. “I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of being introduced… and since you’re just about the most interesting looking gal in this whole sorry joint I thought we’d better rectify that.” For a moment she looked at me incredulously… and then a smile broke across her face. She took my hand and clasped it for a moment. “Max,” she said. “And, as you might be able to guess, my name…” “Cat?” I hazarded. “Kitty,” she corrected. “I’m not quite a full grown cat just yet. Haven’t got the claws, see?” She held up a slender hand to show me.


“Very nice,” I said. And I wasn’t lying. “What brings a lady like you to a place like this?” “An invitation, mainly,” she said. “But you know, I do find these parties so terribly dull. They’re just an opportunity for everyone to get out and spread gossip about one another, don’t you think?” “Quite,” I said. “Sick to the back teeth of them, myself.” “Which is why,” said Kitty slowly, “it’s such a mystery to me that anyone would bother to gatecrash.”


I’m a solid liar, but even I couldn’t stop the shock from showing on my face. My performance had been perfect? How had she known? How had she detected that I’d snuck my way in. I felt suddenly self-conscious. This lovely lady now had all the power in her hands – she could have me chucked out with just a few words to any of the other guests.


Kitty laughed. “Relax,” she said. “Your secret’s safe with me. But really, I don’t know why you’d bother for something as dull as this.” I took a deep breath. “Well,” I said. “Why don’t we go somewhere a little more interesting?”


Kitty considered me, her head titled to one side, whiskers twitching. Then she nodded. “Lead me off on an adventure,” she said, with a smile, and offered me her hand. A couple of hours – and a half-dozen drinks between us – later, we ended up back at her place. It was a modest apartment, but you could tell it was owned by someone who had money. Everything in it felt… expensive. Kitty had explained to me that she was an actress, and it turned out I’d even seen a couple of the flicks in which she featured.


“But then, I’m not the only one who’s an actor?” she said, teasingly. The conversations had been getting hotter and hotter all evening, and by the time we arrived back at her place the pair of us were barely able to keep our hand off one another. Barely had she shown me around her flat, than we were kissing. She was a great kisser, of course – perhaps it was part of being an actress. Her hands never stayed still. As our lips locked she was exploring my body, running her fingers up and down my back.


We kissed our way through to the bedroom, and there we started peeling away each other’s clothes. Our desire was making us hurried now. I felt the soft, full weight of Kitty’s breasts – and she reached down and weighed me in her hand, feeling my hardness. She gasped approvingly. And then our clothes were gone and we were naked – Kitty still retained her bra, but she’d stripped off everything else. I eased her back towards the bed. She lay down with me on top of her, and I reached down for a feel of her groin – wet already. It was a simple matter to slip inside her, and feel how wonderfully tight and ready she was. We kissed as we thrust against each other, and after a few minutes, Kitty gasped and shuddered with pleasure. “From behind,” she said. “Take me from behind.”


Of course, I didn’t need asking twice. We changed position and I slipped back inside her. In this arrangement my thrusts were faster and freer, and she cried out, clawing at the bedsheets. She was wild – I’d never been with a woman quite like her before. I held her hips and drove myself home while she moaned and shuddered, until at last my own climax came rushing up through me.


Afterwards, we separated and lay panting on the bed, trying to catch our breath. Kitty cuddled up to me and stroked my chest, tracing little patterns with the tip of one finger. It had been an amazing night, and I counted myself extremely lucky to have met her. There was just one thing still bothering me.


“Kitty?” I said, sitting up. “How did you know I was gatecrashing?” She laughed out loud at that. “Oh, Sweetie,” she said. “It was a joke. You wouldn’t believe how surprised I was when it turned out to be true.”

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