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George Brown Petty IV (April 27, 1894 – July 21, 1975) – great American artist, one of the classics of the genre Pin-Up 30’s – 50’s.
Petty made ​​famous by the paintings in the style of pin up, which appeared in 1933 in the magazine Esquire. In 1933, Petty won the poster contest, which was held at the World Expo, the year was held in Chicago. Esquire magazine became more popular, and with it grew and fame of George Petty. His drawings have appeared in seven of the first ten issues of the magazine.

In 1942, in Chicago school students studying art, voted for the artist, who for three years of training had on them, the most noticeable effect, and the highest number of votes was George Petty. Also in 1942 he created the cover for the magazine Time.
In 1953, he created a calendar for Ridge Tools, and in 1955 again began to cooperate with the magazine Esquire.

Read “One Fall Afternoon”

a Short Story Inspired by George Petty

Click Here to Read One Fall Afternoon

When I was younger, I spent a good few years as a street artist, sketching people’s pictures in Central Park in exchange for a couple of crinkled bills. It wasn’t bad work, as jobs like that go. In fact, on a good day I could earn a couple of hundred dollars. More than that though, I enjoyed it – and it was a fantastic opportunity to flirt with some truly beautiful women.


I remember one lady in particular. It was late in the season, when the trees had started changing colour. Her dress first caught my eye with its fantastic yellow-gold-bronze sheen. Her matching wide-brimmed hat was something to behold too – but both were outshone by her face. Honestly, she could have stepped straight out of the movies. Gorgeous lips, high cheekbones, and shining mischief-filled eyes.


Right away I knew that I had to draw her. It wasn’t even a question of wanting to. I needed to her down on paper. I cut my way across the park and pulled out my usual spiel. She couldn’t take her eyes off me, and she turned to her husband (a short, moustachioed, mean-looking man in a suit) and begged him to linger long enough for a portrait.


Her husband was having none of it. Apparently they were on their way somewhere, and he didn’t want to be late. The lady wanted her drawing though, and after a while they agreed that he would go on, and she would stay, get her picture, and then catch up with him at their destination. Silently, I cheered in triumph. Not only did I get to draw her, but I got her all to myself!


With her husband gone, the lady really opened up. Her name was Lucy, and she’d only been married a year – already she was sick of him. He was so bossy and so demanding, and he never allowed her to have any fun at all. He was focussed solely on work – she was just a pretty thing to sit on his arm. I nodded along as she talked, all the while sketching her as beautifully and lovingly as I could.


Me and Lucy really hit it off. Not only did she like the drawing, but we ended up lingering in the park almost until it was dark, chatting away about our lives. It was nigh on six o’ clock before she remembered that she had some place to be.


“Oh, but before I go, will you sign your drawing for me?” she said. “It’s bound to be worth something someday.” “Of course,” I said. And not only did I sign her drawing – I wrote my telephone number on it as well.


I didn’t think much would come of it at the time, but I got a call from Lucy the very next evening – and the evening after that, and the one after that as well. Before long we were talking on the phone every day… and I could tell that she really didn’t like her husband at all.


Maybe that was why I invited her out for dinner one evening. Or maybe I just wanted to see her gorgeous face again. Either way, she happily accepted. She would tell her husband that she was taking an evening class, she said.


“Good idea,” I told her. Once again, I was cheering inside. The very fact that she would lie to him for me seemed to indicate that she was falling for me. I hung up the phone and dug out the only suit I owned to get ready for dinner.


The meal went well, and we connected again just like we had the first time. And afterwards she even came back to my place for a drink. One drink turned into two. We looked over my sketchbooks and she gushed with praise. And then… finally… we kissed.


I’d wanted to feel the softness of her lips ever since I saw her, but it was actually Lucy who initiated it. I wasn’t about to stop her. We kissed long and deep, and eventually pulled apart. Her hands were on my shoulders, and her bright eyes were locked on mine.


“I want you,” she whispered. “I want you too,” I replied. And those were the last words we spoke for a little while. The sex was amazing. Not only was her body slim and wonderfully toned, but she was incredibly responsive. She even had to bite on her knuckle to keep herself from crying out too loudly. We did it three times in a row that evening, with only a short break in between each tryst. I couldn’t get enough of her – and neither could she of me, it seemed.


Afterwards, lying together in tired tangle on my narrow bed, she spooned up against me. “It’s been so long,” she said. “I’d almost forgotten how good it could be.”


I stayed silent, and simply ran my hands over her body, cupping her breasts, tracing the bones of her hips. After a moment or two, an idea struck me. “Say,” I murmured. “Would you like me to draw you again?” “I’d love that,” said Lucy. And so, without even putting on my clothes, I grabbed my sketchbook and some pencils and started outlining another sketch of her. I must have spent half an hour on it, and the end result was beautiful. It captured her completely, in all her naked glory.


Of course, Lucy couldn’t take the drawing home with her. It stayed in my apartment, hidden away in my bureau. That wasn’t the last time Lucy and I met – but eventually we drifted apart. I think she got a divorce one day, though I’m not entirely sure. I hope she did. She deserved better than that man. To this day I still have that drawing of her, and it’s one of my very best pieces of work.



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