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Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) – Top of the classic pin up artist. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Gillette A. He graduated from the Academy during the depression at the age of 22. Gil joined the stable of artists at Stevens and Gross, Chicago’s most prestigious advertising agency.

He became a protégé of the monumentally talented Haddon Sundblom, who was most famous for his Coca Cola Santas. Working in Sundblom’s shop (Stevens-Gross) with Al Buell and Andrew Loomis (among other noted illustrators), Elvgren contributed to various Coca-Cola ads himself. In 1937, Gil began painting calendar pinups for Louis F. Dow, one of America’s leading publishing companies, during which time he created about 60 works.

The Carpenter – Adult Short Story Inspired by Gil

Read The Carpenter

I’d had my eye on her for a while. She was, in a word, gorgeous. I don’t know how else to put it. She drove me damn near out of my mind with the way she was always padding about the house wrapped in a dressing gown and little else. But that was just one of the fantastic things about her; she seemed to really have no idea just how stunning she actually was.

Her name was Maddie, and she was the daughter of the wealthy advertising executive who’d hired me to fit out his new home in the suburbs. I’m a carpenter by trade, but a fairly boutique one – not just anyone can afford my services. I do a lot of interior design work, which means I get to hang out in the mansions of the rich and famous. And, yes, ogle their nineteen-year-old daughters.

She had long, dark brown hair which she wore tied back behind her head at all times. She was slight – “petite” would be the proper term, and always smiling. She had an elfin face and slender legs, and always looked as though she’d spent at least an hour working on her makeup – even when she’d just gotten out of bed.

Of course, I couldn’t risk the job by making a move on her. But that didn’t stop her from constantly testing my resolve. During the day she and I were quite often alone in the house, and every time she padded by in her powder blue dressing gown I’d get butterflies just looking at her calves.

It was about a week into the work that we finally got talking. It was a small thing that did it; she wanted a nail hammered into her wall so that she could hang a picture, and she figured that – since there was a carpenter in the house – she might as well get it done professionally.

Of course, I was only too happy to oblige. She showed me into her bedroom, and I got the job done in no time. As I was working, I noticed an envelope, from which spilled a series of black and white prints, each one featuring her.

“I didn’t know you were a model,” I said.

Her eyes widened, and she giggled as she scooped the pictures up. “Don’t let Daddy hear you say that,” she said. “I meant to keep these secret. He doesn’t like the idea, you see. But my friends say I’ve got just the right body for it. I had some shots done – I’m going to send them off to a couple of magazines, just to see what happens.” She looked so shy, but I couldn’t help but be curious.

“Can I take a look?”I asked.

She seemed reluctant at first, but then she cocked her head. “Well, I suppose I should get used to people seeing my pictures,” she said, and handed them over.

There were twenty in the batch, and they were magnificent. Under the studio lights her body almost glowed. I flicked through from one picture to the next… and then stopped at the sight of the first nude shot. In it, she had her rear to the camera, and was bending over a table, peeking back over her shoulder with a look of such provocative glee that it made me instantly spring to attention.

The other photos were no less arousing, and by the time I handed the stack of them back to Maddie, I was quite hot and bothered. I couldn’t think of a single word to say… but as it turned out, I didn’t have to. She had already noticed my reaction to them!

“I see you like them, then?” she said coyly.

“I love them,” I said.

She took a step closer to me, and reached down. Before I knew it her hand was on me, and her dressing gown had fallen open to show off the black bra and panties beneath. She fondled me for a moment, a wicked grin on her face. “So I see,” she said.

I had a decision to make in that moment. The sensible thing to do would have been to turn around and get back to work. I could pretend this never happened, finish the job and move on.

But of course, I didn’t. Instead, I lowered my mouth to her, and we shared what had to be one of the best kisses of my life. Things escalated rapidly after that. My hands delved under her gown and took in her supple flesh and perfectly-sixed breasts. And she, still grinning with glee, started fumbling at my belt.

Thoughts whirled through my head. It was at least another hour before my employer was due back home – but there was still a risk that he might return early. But then, of course, what is life without a little risk. I let her undo my belt, and I stroked her beautiful, glossy hair as she fell to her knees before me.

Her oral skills were something to be admired. Before Maddie, I don’t think any woman had taken me into her mouth with such enthusiasm. She wrapped her hand around me, and jerked softly as her tongue flicked and swirled. She took me deep, and held me tight and eager as my climax rode through me. When I came she swallowed instantly, drinking it down as though she was dying of thirst.

At last, when it was done, she pulled back. Still holding me in her hand, she looked up with a sly smile, and wiped a hand across her lips. “We’d better be careful,” she said.

“We’d better be more than careful,” I said. “If your father finds out…”

She leaned forward and flicked her luscious pink tongue against me one more time. “Relax,” she said. “He doesn’t know a thing.” She stood and pulled her dressing gown closed, tying it shut. “You’d better get back to work now,” she said. “But tomorrow… well, tomorrow can be my turn!”

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